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How To Measure PD

Step 1- Prepare a Mirror and a Ruler.
第1步- 准备尺和镜子。
Step 2- Stand about 20-25cm away from the mirror and look into the mirror.
第2步- 站在离镜子约20-25厘米处,面向镜子。
Step 3- With your face straight, hold a ruler up against your eyebrows.
第3步- 脸挺直,用尺子抵住眉毛。
Step 4- Close you left eye, place ruler just above the eyes and lining up the 0 of the rulers with the centre of the pupil of your right eye.
第4步- 当右眼瞳孔中心与尺0mm对齐后,关上右眼, 然后睁开你的左眼,看看你的左瞳孔的中心在尺上的 对齐位置,留下标记。
Step 5- With the zero now centred with you right eye, close your right eye, and open your left eye to see where the center of your left pupil aligns on the ruler.
第5步- 当右眼瞳孔中心与尺0mm对齐后,关上右眼 ,然后睁开你的左眼,看看你的左瞳孔的中心在尺上 的对齐位置,留下标记。
Step 6- Measure the distance between the 0 and the mark you made. This would be your PD. For accuracy , repeat the steps for 3-4times.
第6步- 测量0和你做的标记之间的距离。 这将是你的 PD。 为准确起见,重复上述步骤 3-4 次。